ICONOGRAPHY specializes in custom decorative finishes and murals. Our clientele range from corporate enterprises seeking to distinguish themselves through the creation of an impressive visual environment, to home-owners seeking to enhance the personality and attractiveness of their dwelling spaces.

Decorative finishes are usually thought of as more in connection with traditional styles, but the authenticity, innovation, and refined craftsmanship of Iconography finishes make many of them well-suited to transitional and even contemporary spaces. The individual-ized finishes create unexpected visual effects that have broad appeal.

Iconography is uniquely capable of capturing our clients' visions, even if those visions are difficult to fully articulate. Feel free to browse the galleries provided in the links above, and contact us for any further questions that you may have regarding the ways that we can realize your unique visions for the interior spaces that you utilize. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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